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News & Upcoming Events

Hello beautiful people,

we have had 100s of messages of support and questions on how you can help our project and artists. Thank you so much, we're so grateful for this! 


We've set up a gofundme donation page as a way to donate towards our next project set up costs and to help compensate the artists involved as we had to stop our project so abruptly. Every cent donated will go directly back to the Overmorrow Project and will help us with some financial stability for our artists and our next project we hope to launch in a matter of weeks.

Your donation will benefit over 100 artists in Berlin. All funds raised will be used to construct and pay artists to create our new project and installations at Wilde Renate. We've started relatively low as we understand that this is a very turbulent time. Financially many people are struggling. But if you're in the position to help with this project and to aid us in setting up our next incredible exhibition space which will help create work and jobs for this important scene in Berlin, please donate in the link below.

And we hope to very soon, open the doors to our world once more and for you to explore the surreal wonderland of Overmorrow.


Thank you dearly from all of us

Overmorrow Team


Overmorrow is an immersive walkthrough art experience at Wilde Renate. Over 40 artists from a wide variety of art-collectives like Bad Bruises and TrashEra have come together to create an insight into what our world could look like in the near future after the global pandemic.


Utopia or dystopia.

Where will our common path lead us? 

Here’s what you need to know about your visit:


- 2 tickets on sale each slot, the total journey is 1h+ long

- Bring a mask or similar to cover your mouth and nose

- If you feel unwell, stay home

- Keeping a 1.5 meter distance will be required at all times

- Only visitors of 18 years and older are accepted

- Lighting and some materials may be triggering epilepsy 

- Comfortable footwear is recommended 

- Sadly not a wheelchair-friendly venue

- Not advised for those with severe claustrophobia 

- Access under the influence of drugs or alcohol is forbidden



We have a diverse collective of artists with an array of alternative theatre practices. Content acted out and discussed within the performances are possible to have emotive, traumatic, or explicit content. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us before your visit.

Overmorrow will occupy most of Wilde Renate - from the basement to the second floor, everything filled with art-installations, stages and performances.