this is not


This Is Not Wonderland
Venus Boys Takeover of Overmorrow
22nd - 25th of October

You’re falling down the rabbit hole,
You’re feeling giant, feeling small,
As sickness spreads throughout the stadt,
A hatter makes his pretty hat,
A larvae smoking on a pipe,
An old perverted man will type,
The story of a little girl,
Who for a moment leaves her world,
To find a place of tricks and wonder,
In the land that exists under,
Not quite hell, not heaven neither,
Not quite purgatory either.
It is the grand domain of games,
Of changing tales, and changing names,
Of changing what it is to be,
Of eating cake and drinking tea,
Of Kings and Queens and frogs and mice,
And little girls who pay the price.
For curiosity killed the cat,
Who stole the hatter’s pretty hat.
It's not a birthday, and not a party
But an invite to your wild Renate.

My name is not Alice,
And this is not Wonderland.

With Angelo Dynamo, Bleach, Buba Sababa, Caine Panik, Camp Dad, Daddy Sparkles, Dick Hunt, Faux Katya, HP Loveshaft, Ixa, La Papi Patacon, Lilith the Quing, Lxninja, Macho Queen, Mojo, Nosmo King, Ruco LaPesto, Very Confused, Yitzahk Pearlmann

Venus Boys Biography

Venus Boys is a collective of Berlin-based Drag performers who paint from the palette of performative masculinity. The group started in 2019 stemming from a monthly show of the same name - which takes place every first Monday of the month at Silver Future, every Berliner’s local queer bar. Our ensemble consists of 25 women, femmes, trans, and/or non-binary performers from all over the world. The Venus Boys show is a space for Drag performers who represent, challenge and subvert masculinity in their work, it is a playground for masculine Drag. A space in which the performers toy with the gestures through which masculinity becomes apparent as a cultural phenomenon. Although we are happy to call it a Drag King show, this label does not account for the full scope of gender expressions on the stage. It is about what it means to perform masculinity, what it means to seize the power that can come from this. Sometimes a straight up parody of masculinity, sometimes something which ruptures 'the masculine' and interrogates it. Other times it is something post-gender altogether, or a brand-new gendered imagining. The Venus Boys put masculinity on display, on trial. We demolish it and put it back together again. We consider not only what is, but what has been, and what could be.